CHP Preliminary Alcohol Screening Records

Device Accuracy Check/Calibration Logs

PAS devices shall be checked for accuracy every 10 days or every 150 tests, whichever occurs first.

If you need Device Accuracy Calibration Logs older than those shown on this page, please contact the City Prosecutor by email at We will be happy to accommodate you.

December 2017
WEEK 121817.PDF
WEEK 120417.PDF

November 2017
WEEK 112717.PDF
WEEK 112017.PDF
WEEK 111317.PDF

October 2017
WEEK 103017.PDF
WEEK 102317.PDF
WEEK 100917.PDF
WEEK 100217.PDF

September 2017
WEEK 091817.PDF
WEEK 091117.PDF

August 2017
WEEK 081417.PDF
WEEK 082117.PDF
WEEK 082817.PDF

July 2017
WEEK 070317.PDF
WEEK 071017.PDF
WEEK 073117.PDF

June 2017
WEEK 061217.PDF
WEEK 061917.PDF

May 2017
WEEK 050117.PDF
WEEK 050817.PDF
WEEK 051517.PDF
WEEK 052117.PDF

April 2017
WEEK 040317.PDF
WEEK 041017.PDF
WEEK 042417.PDF

March 2017
WEEK 030617.PDF
WEEK 031317.PDF
WEEK 032717.PDF

February 2017
WEEK 020617.PDF
WEEK 021317.PDF
WEEK 022017.PDF

January 2017
WEEK 010217.PDF
WEEK 011617.PDF
WEEK 012317.PDF

December 2016
WEEK 120516.PDF
WEEK 121916.PDF
WEEK 122616.PDF

November 2016
WEEK 110716.PDF
WEEK 112116.PDF
WEEK 111416.PDF
WEEK 112816.PDF

October 2016
WEEK 100316.PDF
WEEK 101016.PDF
WEEK 101716.PDF
WEEK 103116.PDF

September 2016
WEEK 090516.PDF
WEEK 091216.PDF
WEEK 092616.PDF

August 2016
WEEK 080816.PDF
WEEK 081516.PDF
WEEK 082916.PDF

July 2016
WEEK 070416.PDF
WEEK 071116.PDF
WEEK 072516.PDF

June 2016
WEEK 061316.PDF
WEEK 062016.PDF
WEEK 062716.PDF

May 2016
WEEK 050216.PDF
WEEK 050916.PDF
WEEK 051616.PDF
WEEK 053016.PDF

April 2016
WEEK 040416.PDF
WEEK 041116.PDF
WEEK 041816.PDF

March 2016
WEEK 030716.PDF
WEEK 032116.PDF
WEEK 031416.PDF

February 2016
WEEK 020116.PDF
WEEK 020816.PDF
WEEK 022916.PDF

January 2016
WEEK 010416.PDF
WEEK 011116.PDF
WEEK 011816.PDF

December 2015
WEEK 120715.PDF
WEEK 121415.PDF
WEEK 122115.PDF
WEEK 122815.PDF

November 2015
WEEK 110215.PDF
WEEK 110915.PDF
WEEK 112315.PDF
WEEK 113015.PDF

October 2015
WEEK 101215.PDF
WEEK 102615.PDF

September 2015
WEEK 090715.PDF

August 2015
WEEK 080315.PDF
WEEK 081015.PDF
WEEK 082415.PDF
WEEK 083115.PDF

July 2015
WEEK 071315.PDF
WEEK 072015.PDF
WEEK 072715.PDF

June 2015
WEEK 060115.PDF
WEEK 060815.PDF
WEEK 061515.PDF

May 2015
WEEK 051115.PDF
WEEK 051815.PDF
WEEK 052515.PDF

April 2015
WEEK 040615.PDF
WEEK 042015.PDF
WEEK 042715.PDF

March 2015
WEEK 031615.PDF
WEEK 032315.PDF
WEEK 033015.PDF

February 2015
WEEK 020215.PDF
WEEK 020915.PDF
WEEK 021615.PDF
WEEK 022315.PDF

January 2015
WEEK 010515.PDF
WEEK 011215.PDF
WEEK 011915.PDF
WEEK 012615.PDF

December 2014
WEEK 120114.PDF
WEEK 121514.PDF
WEEK 122914.PDF

November 2014
WEEK 110314.PDF
WEEK 111714.PDF

October 2014
WEEK 100814.PDF
WEEK 102014.PDF
WEEK 102714.PDF

September 2014
WEEK 090814.PDF
WEEK 091514.PDF
WEEK 092214.PDF
WEEK 092914.PDF

August 2014
WEEK 081114.PDF
WEEK 081814.PDF
WEEK 082514.PDF

July 2014
WEEK 070714.PDF
WEEK 071414.PDF
WEEK 072114.PDF
WEEK 072814.PDF

June 2014
WEEK 060914.PDF
WEEK 061614.PDF
WEEK 062314.PDF
WEEK 063014.PDF

May 2014
WEEK 050514.PDF
WEEK 051214.PDF
WEEK 051914.PDF

April 2014
WEEK 040714.PDF
WEEK 041414.PDF
WEEK 042814.PDF

March 2014
WEEK 031014.PDF
WEEK 031714.PDF
WEEK 032414.PDF
WEEK 033114.PDF

February 2014
WEEK 020314.PDF
WEEK 021714.PDF
WEEK 022414.PDF

January 2014
WEEK 010614.PDF
WEEK 011314.PDF
WEEK 012014.PDF

December 2013
WEEK 120213.PDF
WEEK 120913.PDF
WEEK 121613.PDF
WEEK 123013.PDF

November 2012
WEEK 111113.PDF
WEEK 111813.PDF
WEEK 112313.PDF

October 2012
WEEK 100713.PDF
WEEK 102113.PDF
WEEK 102813.PDF
WEEK 101413.PDF





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