Meet the City Prosecutor

Doug Haubert

Doug Haubert

Doug Haubert is a skilled attorney with over 18 years of experience as a civil and criminal prosecutor.  He was elected Long Beach City Prosecutor in 2010, and then re-elected in 2014 by 74% of the vote.

He began his legal career as a Deputy City Prosecutor in Long Beach.  He later joined a prominent municipal law firm, eventually becoming a partner of the firm while serving as City Prosecutor and City Attorney to several cities in Southern California.

City Prosecutor Haubert has served the state and Long Beach in many capacities.  Prior to his election, he served for 6 years on the California State Bar Executive Committee, Public Law Section.  He also served on the Long Beach Ethics Task Force, as well as the City’s Airport Advisory Commission and Civil Service Commission.

As City Prosecutor, Doug Haubert initiated the office’s Gang Prevention Strategy, an award-winning three part approach to reducing gang violence.  Working with the police department, he has secured court orders against violent criminal street gangs and increased gang prosecutions.  Also, partnering with school leaders, he developed the Parent Accountability and Chronic Truancy (PACT) program to reduce truancy and keep at-risk youth out of gangs.

City Prosecutor Haubert is also known for using new technologies to improve efficiency in the office and save costs for taxpayers.  He has brought grant dollars to Long Beach, including over $200,000 to combat gang violence, the largest federal grant in the history of the City Prosecutor’s Office.  Another grant is devoted to fighting gangs engaged in sex trafficking of women and assisting the victims with social services so they can recover from the trauma of sex trafficking.

In addition, City Prosecutor Haubert is recognized as a national leader in court diversion programs.  Recently, he launched a program with local nonprofits Goodwill Industries and Pacific Gateway to direct nonviolent, first-time offenders into work-readiness programs.  The City Prosecutor’s Community Service Worker (CSW) diversion program was also recognized in 2016 by NUSA as “America’s Best Neighborhood Program.”

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