Victims & Witness Info

Restitution for Victims of Crime
If you are involved as a victim or a witness in a trial with the Long Beach City Prosecutor, you can look up the date and time of the next scheduled court appearance. Click on the link below to open a list of cases. Use the Find feature in your web browser to search for your Case Number, then read across for the date and time, appearance description, and department number. This list is updated daily. You may call our office at 562-570-5600 for additional information.
Click here for case information (pdf)

CommunityCompensation for Victims
• Mental Health Counseling
• Medical, dental, and hospital expenses
• Loss of wages or support;
• Job retraining and rehabilitation;
• Funeral/burial costs; Relocation.

The law limits individual losses reimbursed, and other available sources of reimbursement must be used first. The losses must be crime-related. Please contact your local District Attorney Victim Center for details.

Who Is Eligible
The person injured in a crime; certain family members of cohabitants of the victim, including those dependent on the victim for support; or in case of death, anyone who pays the medical or burial expenses of the deceased victim.

A compensation application must be filed within one year of the crime (may be extended for good cause). Victims must not have knowingly or willingly participated in the crime causing injury or death, and must cooperate with law enforcement.

How to Apply
Obtain an application and assistance from the Office of the District Attorney Victim Center at no cost. Applicants may file their own claims. If represented by an attorney, and an award is made, legal fees up to $500.00 are paid by the State.

The Victims of Crime Program is administered by the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board, P.O. Box 3036, Sacramento, California 95812-3036.
For Additional Information
Please call the Long Beach Office of the Victim-Witness Assistance Program at either of these numbers: 562-491-6347, or 562-491-6310. There is a toll-free number, 1-800-773-7574. You can get additional information at the website: And you can visit the VWAP office in Room 305 of the Long Beach Courthouse at 415 West Ocean Blvd., Long Beach.