Volunteer Prosecuting Attorney

Volunteer internship

Volunteer internship

Volunteer Prosecuting Attorneys gain valuable experience as criminal prosecutors. They work with our senior attorneys on assigned cases; they appear in court; they have access to the case information and research tools of our Deputy Attorneys.

We take applications at regular intervals. Our application process is described below so that you may determine whether you are well suited to this position when an opening is available.
Examples of Duties:
Volunteer Prosecuting Attorneys will be trained to function as criminal prosecuting attorneys. Volunteers are asked to make a three (3) month time commitment to the office and, in return, will receive training and experience in criminal prosecution, legal process, and trial advocacy skills. Volunteer Attorneys will learn through hands-on experience how to staff a courtroom, make and argue motions, select a jury, deliver an opening statement, exa

mine witnesses, present evidence, and make a closing argument. Volunteer Prosecuting Attorneys will then be given ample opportunity to put these skills into practice by conducting jury trials, arguing motions, and handling appeals.

Requirements to File:
1. Member of the California State Bar in good standing;
2. Strong organizational skills;
3. Ability to handle jury trials; and
4. A positive and courteous attitude

Selection Procedure
The City of Long Beach is an equal opportunity employer. Candidates from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Attorneys with all levels of experience are encouraged to apply.

Supplemental Questions
1. Are you currently a member of the California State Bar in good standing?
2. Have you ever been convicted for the violation of any misdemeanor or felony?
3. If you answered “yes” to the above question, please explain:
4. Have you participated in any misdemeanor or other criminal prosecution (in either an actual or academic setting)? If so, describe the number of times and how you participated.
5. Indicate any non-law related experiences and/or skills which you believe would help you as a volunteer prosecuting attorney.
6. Please list five references (name, current address and telephone number).

Please attach a copy of your resume.

Please check back for additional future openings. When we have open positions we post them on our web site and also on Government Jobs. (http://www.governmentjobs.com).