Community Service Program

Community clean-up

Community clean-up

The Community Service Worker (CSW) program was created by the City Prosecutor’s Office in August 2002 and is administered in coordination with the Long Beach Superior Court, local nonprofit organizations, and City departments.  Through CSW, persons convicted of certain non-violent crimes can elect to perform community service in lieu of jail time and/or payment of fines, and in some cases they can even avoid a conviction.  Some workers are assigned to clean City parks, beach and alleys as a condition of their probation.

In 2016, the CSW Program administered by the City Prosecutor’s Office was recognized as the “Best Neighborhood Program” in America by Neighborhoods, USA.  In 2015 alone, over 30,000 hours of community service was performed, making our coastal areas, neighborhoods, and parks cleaner and more beautiful.

CSW is the first citywide program to match the sentence to the crime in a way that improves our neighborhoods and public spaces.  Those who commit a crime in Long Beach pay back the City in the form of community service. The City benefits from volunteer service, and we have seen that the CSW program helps to create a sense of community pride among the workers.

There are many CSW work sites located throughout the city that offer community service opportunities, and there is a service opportunity seven days a week.  Each work site is directed by a trained supervisor who is responsible for checking in, checking out and monitoring the CSW workers. In addition to the weekly CSW work sites, CSW workers also may participate in community clean-ups sponsored by various Long Beach neighborhood groups. All CSW workers participating in community clean-ups are supervised.

Click here for a list of Clean-Up sites
There are many Clean-Up events scheduled at these sites.

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If you already are enrolled in the Community Service Worker program you can sign up for the Community Clean-Ups as they are scheduled. Please click on the links above for detailed information. If no CSW events are listed, please check back later.

Nicole Velasquez
Diversion Program Administrator
Monday-Thursday 8:30-11:30am and 1:30-4:00 pm