Project Impact


are given each year by

City Prosecutor Doug Haubert.

The awards recognize individuals and groups who, working with the Long Beach City Prosecutor’s Office, have made a positive, significant impact in the city of Long Beach in the past year.


Long Beach Mentoring Connection (including Power4Youth, Catholic Big Brothers Big Sisters, LB BLAST, Operation Jumpstart), for partnering with the city prosecutor’s office to provide mentors for at-risk youth.

Mary White, GEMS Uncovered, for partnering to provide counseling and other services to victims of human trafficking.

Detective Ben Vargas, Long Beach Police Department, Robbery Detail, for his exemplary investigation of a serial thief, who was convicted and sentenced to eight years in county jail.

Dr. Dennis Clark and Lisa Waide, R.N. of Laser M.D., for providing free/low-cost tattoo removal services for human trafficking victims and former gang members.

Long Beach Human Trafficking Task Force and State Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell, for fighting for legislation to combat sex trafficking in California.

Pacific Gateway, for partnering with the city prosecutor’s office to develop the PATH program to divert nonviolent, youthful offenders into employment and job training opportunities.

Long Beach Police Detective Rudy Romero, Domestic Violence Detail, was the recipient of the inaugural Kim Maddox IMPACT Award, for his skilled, thorough, and responsive detective work, which assisted in convicting obtain a six and one half year jail sentence for a man who systematically and continually harassed and terrorized women he met online.


Long Beach Police Department’s Quality of Life Police Officers Christopher Roth and Brad Futak, as well as East Division Patrol Officer Johnny Dodson, III, for their efforts to assist homeless persons transition from life on the streets.

Dr. Erin Simon, Director of Student Services, Long Beach Unified School District, for her successful effort to reduce chronic truancy and assisting students considered at-risk.

Long Beach Community Foundation, and its Executive Director Marcelle Epley, for the creation of a crime prevention fund to support victims of crime and reduce violence.

Laserfiche, a Long Beach-based technology company, and its CEO Chris Wacker, for development of software used by police and prosecutors to enforce court orders and reduce crime.

Karen Wyatt, of Helpline Youth Counseling, and Claudia Lopez, of Long Beach Trauma Recovery Center at St. Mary’s Medical Center, for their work supporting human trafficking victims as part of the City Prosecutor’s Directed Services Program.

Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Latosha Walker, as well as Deputy Attorneys General Maggy Krell and Jessica Owen, for their collaboration with the City Prosecutor’s Office resulting in the prosecution of gang-related hate crime involving human trafficking.


Hon. Jackie Lacey, Los Angeles District Attorney, for leading the LA County Prosecutors Association and handling the transfer of cases from felony to misdemeanor as a result of Prop. 47.

Richard Funke and Robert Belcher of the Long Beach Police Department and Cynthia Martinez of LBPD Court Affairs for assisting with trial preparation.

Tracy Colunga, Violence Prevention Coordinator for the City of Long Beach, for creating the city’s first Violence Prevention Plan and helping to secure grant funding to reduce gang activity.

Detective David Ternullo of the LBPD Violent Crimes Unit for preparing cases for criminal charge filing.

Long Beach Fire Department firefighters Chris Barton, Jason Cash, Andy Chan, Wayne Chaney, Joel Davis, Chris Duffy, Mark Fort, Keith Farrell, Dennis Garrett, Tony Gomez, Phil Gonzal, Matt Hoch, Jackawa Jackson, Sid Jackson, Teron Mays, Kelvin McCaleb, Chris Milburn, Ernesto Torres and Tyler Viana for creating the Rockett Academy mentoring program for Long Beach Unified School District seventh grade students.

Calvin Lane of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and Jason Marks of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for helping to reduce gang activity by providing their expert knowledge.

Beth Aboites of UrbanFin (Seventh Street Church) for helping the Long Beach City Prosecutor’s Truancy Program provide school uniforms, supplies and shoes for needy children.


Long Beach Police Department, Vice Division, for the entire team’s success in investigating cases of human trafficking and assisting with victims.

Gabby Guillen and Marvin Kelly, of Homeboy Industries, for working on a tattoo removal program that assists former Long Beach gang members with free tattoo removal.

Leilani Ronca, Code Enforcement Officer in the Neighborhood Services Bureau, for her personal efforts to eliminate blight and abate public nuisance properties.

Tiffany Brown, Director of Coordinated Student Services for the Long Beach Unified School District, for her efforts to work with his staff to reduce chronic truancy in the district.

Long Beach Police Officers David Corcoran, Jeannie Villanueva, Gabriel Carrillo, Carlos Del Real and Pedro Valenzuela, for their efforts resulting in the successful arrest and prosecution of a gang-related hate crime in September 2013.

Jessica Quintana, Pastor Wayne Chaney Jr. and Pastor Gregory Sanders, for their assistance with developing and implementing Operation Opt Out — a City Prosecutor program assisting people formerly associated with street gangs — was a job well done.


Detective Mark Steenhausen, LBPD, for his investigation and personal efforts on the “Baby Maggie” case which was originally reported as a baby found at a gas station, but ultimately proved to be a case of child abandonment by the mother.

Patrol Officers Josh Brearley and Andrew Fox and the North Division Directed Enforcement Team (DET), LBPD, for their success in combating gang related crime.

Criminalist Greg Gossage and Police Officer Tyrone Anderson, LBPD, for their technical expertise and hard work relating to DUI investigations.

Judith Crumpton, local animal advocate, for her efforts to bring to fruition an annual conference on animal care and cruelty prevention.

Detective David Strohman, Narcotics Division, LBPD, for leadership in the effort to reduce illegal drug activity in Long Beach.


Lenny Arkinstall, Executive Director, Los Cerritos Wetlands Stewards, Inc., for utilizing the City Prosecutor’s Community Service Worker (CSW) program to preserve sensitive wetlands.

Bernardo Barajas, Police Officer, LBPD, for his efforts to combat gang related crime.

Sean Parilla, Police Officer, LBPD, for his efforts to reduce the number of unsafe and overweight trucks on city streets.

Che Scott, Counselor, Long Beach Unified School District, for his efforts to reduce truancy at Washington Middle School.

West Division Directed Enforcement Team (DET), LBPD, for the entire team’s success in combating gang related crime.

Press Telegram
Long Beach Post

Project IMPACT

The City Prosecutor’s Office has a unique community prosecution program that focuses on gang, drug, and quality of life crimes. The prototype was developed in one of the most troubled areas in central Long Beach. Originally funded with a two-year Federal grant, the program proved so successful that it has been continued as Project IMPACT.

Attorneys in the City Prosecutor Office work in the neighborhoods with police, the Community Development Code Enforcement officials, and area residents to identify problem locations and community issues, and to target criminal activity. When the police, prosecutors, code enforcement officials, and neighborhood residents work together, we have shown there can be a dramatic drop in the rate of nuisance crimes. In fact, our efforts have been so successful that other cities in California and across the nation have contacted the City Prosecutor’s Office to implement similar versions of the Long Beach community-based law enforcement program in their own jurisdictions.

[Note: Due to City budget cuts, Project IMPACT was suspended in 2009. Some Project IMPACT components have been reassigned to other areas in the office.]